Matthew Selekman:

Matthew gave a terrific workshop on working with teen’s and families. He’s smart, funny, clinically gifted, and works from an integrative perspective, with an emphasis on solution-oriented and narrative approaches.


Peter Fraenkel

Ackerman Institute for the Family

New York, NY


Matthew’s work with the most troubled adolescents gives him a great deal of credibility especially when what he says he does is backed up with video showing him doing it. His eclecticism, while maintaining an inner coherence, provided a host of therapeutic practices that could sit well on either side of the solution-problem fence. He did a BRILLIANT job.


Chris Iveson


London, UK


It was such a delight to experience you, both personally and professionally. You inspired us so much with your knowledge and creative approach to working with a difficult population. Thank you so much for your love of young people. The evaluations were awesome!


Emma Wallace

North Carolina Association for

Marriage and Family Therapy

Greensboro, NC


Matthew represents everything to me that is uplifting, creative, and healing in therapy. I attend his seminars every chance I get and I’m inspired every time.


Dan Blair

Blair Counseling and Divorce


Crystal Lake, IL


Mark Beyebach:

Mark´s style as a presenter makes any plenary, workshop or training a unique learning experience. Mark is able to transform any workshop, from minute one, in a very motivating learning pathway, helping participants to reach out for their own goals, to improve their skills and to start taking little steps forward in their own development as therapists.


Antonio Medina Machín

Child Protection Services, La Laguna

Tenerife (Spain)


Mark has the ability to convey his ideas in a simple and practice-oriented way, capturing the interest of the participants in his workshops. He combines a great wisdom with brilliant communication and presenting skills, making learning simple and easy.


Lorena Villanueva F.

Psychologist, “Ferreiros” / Partner of “Psicosoluciones”/university lecturer

Trujillo (Perú)


My participation in Mark´s workshops has not only helped me to develop a new perspective on how to build solutions for a variety of personal difficulties and human problems, but has also provided me with many valuable practical tools. And they work!


Jose Luis Otano

Psychologist, Child Services, Ilundain

Navarra (Spain)